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the world. the u.s. and russia come face-to-face as john kerry gears up to meet the foreign russian minister in paris. >>> china is set for an ambitious target at 7.5% gdp this year, defying expect ages of lower forecasts. this is the national people's congress gets under way in beijing. >>> standard chartered shares jump despite posting a drop unanimousul profit. the lender says its current performance momentum is better dhan last year. the lender slashes its fwoenus pool by 15%. >>> and today's u.s. adp report could show hiring in the u.s. sector slowed last month. this as winter weather continues to have the job growth. >> you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >>> more cautious sentiment as far as the european markets are concerned this morning, despite ongoing signs of improvement of dialogue as far as the ukrainian/russia situation is concerned. pretty evenly split on the stoxx europe 600 this morning. you did see a contraction as far as the french services pmi. the concern, at an eight-month low there. the best data seen in germany sinc
-western ukrainian government. mr. kerry is in town as well. and officials traveling with mr. kerry said the administration will work with congress to give a billion dollars in loan guarantees plus offer technical assistance, assistance making sure that the election coming up on may 25th meets with international standards, plus help in combatting all kinds of issues including crumbation. plus the imf talks are still ongoing and perhaps early hopes for imf money in ukraine may be dashed. it could last a little bit longer. goes, i'll hand it back to you. >> busy day for you, steve, we'll come back to you later on. >>> want to look at the markets in light of the situation in ukraine and looking ahead to jobs friday. and chad, good to see you today. >> good to see you as well. >> obviously you can't take your eye off of that boiling pot as the secretary of state, of course, lands there. but does this give us more room to think about jobs on friday? >> yeah. absolutely indeed. this was basically a -- the ukrainian crisis is a thunderstorm that just rolled through the markets but we do believe
you very much. secretary of state john kerry is in ukraine today. he addressed the situation in kiev about an hour ago, condemning russian aggression against ukraine. kerry said if russia doesn't pull back, there will be political and economic consequences. kerry spoke after tensions rose and then fell again in crimea. this is video of ukrainian troops marching near to russian forces, some might say provocatively. the russians fired warning shots. the ukrainians kept marching forward and after a few nervous moments, in the end the tension was defused. the commanders met. it is unclear what was said, but clearly, the situation then settled down just a bit. our steve sedgwick is in ukraine for us today. steve, are you getting the sense there on the ground that the situation is more calm today and i heard you spoke to the coo of a big investment bank. >> secretary of state john kerry was in town offering his full support, comforted by some of the putin comments but not all of them, of course. president putin speaking for the first time today about how he didn't see the need for force in
of state john kerry touches down in kiev later today. >>> negotiations with the imf are under way as ukraine seeks to shore up its finances. ukraine's prime ministers are in a dire state. >> we need to quickly design and implement the austerity program. >>> in corporate new, glencore xstrata beats forecasts. >>> and president obama focuses his attention back on domestic issues as he prepares to unveil his fiscal 2016 budget plan today at 11:30 eastern. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >>> welcome to "worldwide exchange." a very different picture behind me compared with the start of the show in yesterday's session. 9/1 greens to red these morning taking the stoxx europe 600 up 1 is.2%. as you can see, the picture very volatile this morning. what we have heard is that russian troops have been removed from the border. exercises that they were completing on the western boundary of russia, being seen by the markets as a concession, as lowering sentiment and danger surrounding the situation in crimea at the moment. as
tense situation. we will take you live to kiev. secretary of state john kerry is heading to ukraine. he will be there tomorrow. but the big question is, what can the u.s. do, if anything? investors aren't waiting for the answer. they are selling big-time. stocks plunging around the world as worst day in a month for the dow. the dow with huge triple digit declines of nearly 200 points, better than 1% decline. now, warren buffett says that if others are selling, he's buying stocks today. what is the oracle eyeing right now? he spoke with becky quick. we'll find out this hour. stocks, of course, tanking today but over the past 20 years, equities have had some of their biggest gains right now in march and april. so if you can play past the world events is there a buying opportunity? we'll find out but first let's check in with sue at the nyse. >> you might have to have a strong stomach to buy today because stocks around the world tanking on those fears about russia's moves into ukraine. the dow posting its biggest one-day drop since early february. we are down 192 points. that is off the lo
of state john kerry and the russian foreign minister meet in france, but russia is still not planning to pull out of the crimea. however, washington prepares a series of tough sanctions on moscow, the europeans have suddenly stiffened their spines. vladimir putin may be pushed into a corner that he doesn't like. we are going to have the latest on all of that. >>> plus another day, another major obamacare delay, just unilaterally declared by team obama. now the administration will allow insurance companies to sell those canceled, quote, substandard insurance plans for another two years. that makes three. those stories and much more coming up on "the kudlow report", beginning right now. >>> secretary of state john kerry meets with russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov, but so far lavrov is unling to meet with the new ukrainian foreign minister. john harwood has more. >> good evening, larry. the u.s. positioned some planes, a u.n. envoy was harassed in crimea. there was a pledge for an aid package to go with $1 billion from the united states that's under discussion. john kerry met with
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. this is a declaration of war by vladimir putin. u.s. secretary of state john kerry condemning russia's actions and will travel to kiev tomorrow for talks with the new ukrainian government. >> president putin is using force in a completely inappropriate manner. fears he's going to lose on the international stage. russia is going to lose. >> steve, it's the one possible benefit of seeing russian aggression here, but actually, it could boost popular support for the new ukrainian government. >> i'm not sure about that, julia. i think this is a country that's split top to bottom, east to west, north to south. the russians invaded crimea. it is the russian troops in force with a lot of military hardware. because they said and putin said with the backing on the russian parliament they were defending the interest of russian speakers, just to remind viewers, crimea was russian. 58% of the minimum of the population believe themselves to be russian. it's a similar story in the east of the country, as well. i don't know if you can hear behind me, we've got pro government demonstrations behind me and pro r
a pause on the military situation. we got no acknowledgement whatsoever from secretary kerry about the pullback of the troops ordered by putin today or his talk about the fact that he supposedly does not want to annex crimea. secretary of state john kerry in kiev where nearly 100 protesters died in the protests more than a week ago. he expressed condolences for the people of ukraine, financial support, technical support as well. he just wrapped up those comments. here's just a part of what he had to say. >> the united states extends our deepest condolences to those whose grief is still very fresh and those who lost loved ones, who bravely battled against snipers on rooftops. these brave ukrainians took to the streets in order to stand peacefully against tyranny and to demand democracy. >> and just as secretary kerry was nearly wrapping up president obama spoke on the situation as well. here's what he had to say. >> we stand on the side of history that i think more and more people rrnd tand the world deeply believe in. a principle that a sovereign people, independent people are able
for russia to intervene and we also heard from secretary of state john kerry, who said he had talked to the foreign minister earlier today, he told me the foreign minister told him, that putin doesn't plan to intervene in the sovereignty. you can expect that what we'll hear from the president is something along those lines, but perhaps more of a outline here of what the united states hopes and expects the ultimate outcome of this very tense situation to be. a very dicey situation. melissa. >> given the facts that it's going to be a simply a statement and obviously it's fluid situation, does that sort of limit the thinking that perhaps u.s. will actually be more involved in the situation? the president is approaching. >>> good afternoon, everybody. over the last several days, the united states has been responding to events as they unfold in ukraine. this crisis, we have been very clear about one fundamental principle, the people have to right to determine their own future. we have urged an end to the violence and encourage ukranians to pursue a course in which they stabilize their cou
of state john kerry will be meeting with the russian foreign minister today. the first face-to-face meeting. >> did he have a name? >> john kerry is his name. >> sergei lavrol. >> the two top dip low mats since tu crane crises ka lated. sergei lavrov speaking earlier today to reaterm his country's position. >>. >> i'm ex as perforated with that. i love cate blanchett. anyway, check out the futures this morning. what a day. every time you thaw it was goth was going to pull back, it didn't. the s&p on a relative basis seemed even stronger. we needed to get back. i think we were 10 below. measuring everything from december 31st, like 10 below, and i forget that it was back like 1840, we got back 30 of it or something. let's check out the oil, which we don't want oil to get too out of hand on what's happening here because we're hoping for 3% gdp growth this year. and any big spike in oil makes you think that's a tax on consumers and it's harder to get. the ten-year is helping, though. in terms of keeping the housing markets going below 2.7%. the euro stayed remarkably strong for europe. basical
commission is constantly pushing for higher levels of -- >> governor, i got to interrupt you. secretary kerry is speaking on the situation in ukraine. we want to listen in. >> all the discussions have taken place with the staff. countries came to paris todayç- a strong commitment. as syria's conflict spills over lebanon's borders and as the refugee crisis grows, we are deeply concerned for the security and sovereignty of the people of lebanon and for their simple ability to be able to chart their own futures and fulfill the same basic aspirations that they share with everybody else on this planet. the president pulled out and showed me a very dramatic charting that goes for the last few years, four different charts that show you the extraordinary change in lebanon of the numbers of refugees as every year upwards -- the entire country has become a splotch of red instead of red dots. the entire border is really red today because there are almost a million refugees in lebanon. this has an extraordinary impact on the internal dynamics of a country. people who are looking for work, people who wo
of state john kerry, mobilizing a kind of diplomatic blitz against putin's actions in ukraine. but besides this war of words analysts have been telling us the u.s. and its allies have few options when it comes to pressuring putin and putin knows that. diplomatic sanctions like boycotting the upcoming g-8 summit in june, sochi, they dent putin's pride but it's symbolic. economic sanctions, the u.s. has little leverage over russia. eu sanctions might have teeth, we're told at least. but it's reluctant to go there because putin could retaliate, spike natural gas prices. finance sanctions, like freezing putin's assets in u.s. banks might work but recall last year, the u.s. act did just that, to certain russian human rights abusers but the only tangible result was a russian ban on u.s.' option. what remains what we're seeing, diplomatic pressure. kremlin, we're seeing from here, hearing kerry's criticism. fo foreign minister lav aaron regent -- lav rov were unacceptable. putin appears unaffected by any of this pressure as he stays focused on what our sources are calling his main goal, which is
exercises that were linked to kiev. john kerry is set to arrive in kiev in just a few hours to show support for the new ukrainian government. as we're speaking, vladimir putin is holding a press conference. you can see right now, take a look at the market reaction as dow futures are up by 162 points. that would be gaining back more than the losses of yesterday. this comes after monday's tumble where you did see stocks lower. right now, the major european averages are higher. the dax in germany up by 1 is.5% and the if it cac in london up .7%. right now, stocks are up about 6% in moscow. yesterday, the stocks in moscow were down close to 11%. joe, right now, over to you. >> that 60 billion number is familiar. >> it's more than the olympics, right? >> yeah. this must have gotten vladimir's attention, yeah. let's check some of the other markets this morning. oil and a lot of the commodities were up yesterday. they're easing a little bit today, as you can see. that will bring some relief. check out the ten year. the ten-year has been, obviously, trading on things other than the situation in ukr
in with that story. john, what's going on? >> bill, secretary of state john kerry is just now doing a briefing with reporters, and we've seen one story come out of that which is that the united states is considering now that president yanukovych has left kiev, we're awaiting the formation of a new government. it's going to be more pro-western than president yanukovych's, secretary of satae kerry says the u.s. is considering a $1 billion loan guarantee to ukraine. no final decision made. the u.s. is considering that. but one sign that the united states is going to try to help fill that power vacuum in a constructive way that will benefit the west as well. bill? >> but, john, it's a billion dollars. a billion dollars will do nothing in this situation. >> well, i think it will do more than zero dollars would. i don't know how much a billion dollars can do. >> thank you, john harwood. >> good faith deposit or something. i don't know. okay. here we are heading towards the close. 30 minutes left in the trading session. the dow is up 19, but the s&p is the one the traders all keep an eye on, and we a
's sending jsohn kerry to kie. they publicly have no plan to deal with putin. >> editorially, from my point of view, right now, vladimir putin is the enemy, not president obama even though some american politicians are showboating in front of conservative conferences. let me get the latest from the middle of this crisis. bill neely is live for us in the crimea this evening. good evening, bill. >> reporter: good evening to you. >> what can you tell us? what can you tell us -- there's allegedly a deadline for a russian military takeover of crimea. what's happening out there? >> reporter: yeah, the deadline is supposed to be in three hours' time, 10:00 eastern. but there was a spokesman for the russian black sea fleet who later denied that any ultimatum had been issued to ukrainian forces. remember, that ultimatum said, either surrender or we storm your bases. the spokesman for the black sea fleet said that that ultimatum was nonsense. but you can never be quite sure. i was at two ukrainian army bases today. at one, it was surrounded by about 150 russian troops. they have the ukrainian conting
by john kerry, the secretary of state visiting kiev today. he had come to lend support to the interim government here and also with an aide package, offering $1 billion of loan guarantees as well as american expertise with the central bank, with organizing the elections. he visited the barricades on the edge of the square here which have become a shrine to those who died, many of them shot by snipers. although this american aid seems to be a lot, $1 billion, there is going to need to be a big contribution from imf and also european partners if it is to be stabilized ahead of those elections, larry. >> thanks, ian williams in kiev. we appreciate it. okay, it was a great day on wall street, but we may not have seen the last of vladimir putin. for me it's kind of putin versus profits. it's a tough choice. let's get right to it with my all star panel, stephanie link of the street and chief investment officer of jim cramer's charitable trust and we welcome to the show president of babson capital and bob pisani is going to hang out with us which is a lovely thing. electric talk about distri
.s. secretary of state john kerry headed to that region. our stephen sedgwick is already there live in kiev with the very latest. steve. >> thanks very much. events are moving pretty fast of course in the south of this country in the crimea which is pretty much totally now occupied and controlled by russian military forces. i've been speaking to the powers who still control the ukrainian government further north in kiev here today. i spoke to the prime minister who said that his troops were confined to barracks and were not looking forward to escalate this crisis and were not engaging with russian forces. he still wants a diplomatic and peaceful solution to this crisis, but he was insistent that no more russian boots should be on ukrainian soil. the twin crisis here as well as the military and geopolitical one is the financial crisis, which we've just been talking about on cnbc. i spoke to the economy minister here who said, look, the imf are already in town. and he was very much looking forward to the start of negotiations tomorrow -- as early as tomorrow. and he believed they could have s
of coming out and saying listen we did screw up. remarkable man. >>> u.s. secretary of state john kerry set to meet with sergey lavrov in paris, the crisis in ukraine moving into a contest of global diplomacy now, but will the east and the west find some common ground in their different end games? let's bring in nbc's jim maceda from moscow who has the latest. good morning, jim. >> reporter: hey, carl. well, there's been a flurry of diplomacy as you say in the past 24 hours. the chances of avoiding war in ukraine getting a boost one believes from putin's comments yesterday that he saw no need for the use of force in ukraine and has no desire to annex the crimean peninsula. that really has allowed the military confrontation that we've been reporting on now for ten days to take a step back. and even though crimea was tense on the ground today, there was a report of russian seizing yet another anti- -- another ukrainian anti-missile post. the perception really is that ukraine is spinning now not towards war but some kind of diplomatic solution. secretary of state kerry's m
, this as secretary of state john kerry and the russian foreign minister meet in france, but russia is still not planning to pull out of the crimea. however, washington prepares a series of tough sanctions on moscow, the europeans have suddenly stiffened their spines. vladimir putin may be pushed into a corner that he doesn't like. we are going to have the latest on all of that. >>> plus another day, another major obamacare delay, just unilaterally declared by team obama. now the administration will allow insurance companies to sell those canceled, quote, ta
.s. secretary of state john kerry says the crisis in the ukraine doesn't need to lead to conflict between the kremlin and europe. william hague urged all parties to cooperate. >> this is not a zero sum game. it is not a west versus east, it should not be. it is not russia or the united states or other choices. this is about people of ukraine and ukrainians making their choice about their future. >> meanwhile russia's foreign minister said that aid to ukraine should only be provided to "legitimate ukrainian authorities." we're joined by jim from moscow. it may not be a zero sum game as far as kerry is concerned but it is as far as vladimir putin's concerned, isn't it? he's been incredibly silent over the last two weeks. what's going on with him here? >> reporter: that's right. what happens next will obviously be very much dependent on what vladimir putin does next, and so far we simply haven't heard from the guy. he had a meeting yesterday with his top security council but no information came out of that and i think that this is really what's driving the uncertainty about what russia does
occupying crimea. that was derided by john kerry who was visiting kiev today. kerry came here to lend support to the interim ukrainian authorities and also with an aid package offering $1 billion of loan guarantees as well as american expertise with the central bank and also with organizing the next election, but clearly a lot to be done here to stabilize this economy, bill. >> ian williams there in kiev. thank you very much for that update. let's bring in someone who has met with putin, has pretty good read on how he operates. professor michael mcfaul is, of course, the most recently -- the former u.s. ambassador to russia. mr. ambassador, good to see you. welcome. thank you for joining us. >> sure. thanks for having me. >> which vladimir putin do we pay attention to most, the one who acts as he did over the weekend or the one who speaks as he did today? >> well, i think both, and i think even in the press conference, which i saw this morning that he did, you saw the two different sides of putin. on the one hand, he did say as has been reported here that we're not seeking to annex cr
of state john kerry warned russia against military action saying it would be a, quote, grave mistake. kerry saying yesterday the u.s. could offer a billion dollars of loan guarantees but the state department maybe wants some of that back later, issuing a statement that the u.s. is considering, quote, a range of options, including loan guarantees. they left the number out and noted as kerry did, that the decision has not been made. u.s. officials have said several pieces have to fall into place before any aid can be given. you have to have a government. there's not much the u.s. can do. that government has to signal intentions for reform along the lines that the imf was sort of laid out. those reforms include exchange rate flexibility. michelle broke that story the other day that they are moving towards that. fiscal consolidation getting its budget under control. the imf will take the lead and the u.s. and the west has to balance all of this in i way that doesn't unnecessarily antagonize russia. >> forget about it. how do you do that? especially since you have militia all over crimea. >> you
kerry will be going to kiev. this weekend's developments are playing out in the markets. big time this morning. we'll see. 132 points. let's look at europe. all the major averages are under pressure today. russian markets took a hit. the dollar this morning, probably doing a little better. the ruble hit an all-time low against some currencies. the price of gold, get a quick look at where that is trading today. up 22 points or so. becky, we talked about last week. i just think it's a different time. you know, tanks in hungary. i think i was like 19 -- while when i was born, i think, the late 50s or early -- and whether this was going to be similar. i don't know how this works now. is this like a territory grab? similar things happened in georgia. what can we do other than try to punish the economy? no one is talking about confronting russia at this point militarily. then the markets would be down, god knows. >> did you see the headlines wondering about his -- whether or not you could actually negotiate with him at this point. warren buffett is here and i wonder what you've been thi
kerry they would not invade ukraine and said this troop movement was allowed in a treaty they previously had with ukraine but president obama came to the white house briefing room to urge putin to stop. >> any violation of ukraine's sovereigncy and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing which is not in tint of ukraine, russia or europe. it would represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by the ukrainian people. >>> most here agree there's little the u.s. can do or some say even should do since we need putin's cooperation on issues more critical to the u.s. than ukraine like iran and syria and north korea and guessing by some here putin will not send masses of troops into the central part of ukraine. world will be watching, larry, to see if russian troops in the crimea act like invaders or peacekeepers. back to you. >> putin has double crossed us in most of those place us mentioned particularly syria and iran to a lesser extent but still north korea. i want to know, you mentioned this, first time i heard about it. russia is saying they have some kin
currently down about .8% or 50 cents. tyler? >>> secretary of state john kerry meeting with colleagues in paris today. he will meet with russia's foreign minister later. clearly ukraine is topic number one. they areç not exactly going toe filling out their ncaa brackets. the u.s. military said today it will step up cooperation with nations in eastern europe to reassure allies in that part of the world. exxonmobil saying today that it's going to delay a project in ukraine because of the problems in that country. and the eu is offering ukraine up to $15 billion in aid over the next two years. so the big question for this hour is where might that money go following the money trail? steve liesman, of course, was the bureau chief for the "wall street journal" in moscow and michelle caruso-cabrera, our chief international correspondent, just back from the ukraine. where might this money go? who wants to take first whack? >> a lot of that money is probably going to end up actually in russia. >> because? >> because whether they are paying the natural gas bill for ukraine, that's money that g
in america's strength anymore. >> now, we've got secretary of state john kerry going to kiev tomorrow. he will meet with the new ukrainian government. try to assess the aid needs as other members of the european community are going to be doing, and then the question is going to be are there going to be sanctions implemented? john kerry is scheduled to meet with the russian foreign minister on wednesday. don't know if that meeting is going to take place, and the willingness of the european union which has stronger economic ties to russia than the united states does to go along with economic sanctions remains in doubt. guys? >> yeah, you raise all the key issues, john. let's bring in john herbst, the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine. ambassador, good to have you here. >> my pleasure. >> you say it's time for nato to take a stance. why and what do you mean? >> i think it would be very useful if nato were to decide to move additional assets to the east in the baltic states which has ethnic russians there as a way to show moscow that they will defend the alliance and that they will defend cou
of state kerry both saying that it would be a grave mistake, both using that exact phrase, for russia to get involved here in ukraine in any kind of way. obviously including militarily. the president we can expect is going to underscore that, look to see if his terminology goes beyond that phrase, and look to see whether or not he draws any kind of red line in the sand. remember, we've had this issue over syria in recent months and over the past year, whether the president is comfortable saying specifically what it is he would object to and what the united states would do about it. officials were sort of vague about that earlier today. we'll see whether the president goes further than that, but he's going to be speaking a the a dramatic moment. something is clearly happening in the southern part of ukraine. what exactly it is, reports are emerging. the president will have to set out what the u.s.'s intention is to do about it, kelly. >> eamon, thanks very much. some perspective here, zach karabell. >> so at any point in time there are a series of geopolitical crises. there has not bee
to the defense department. >> john kerry seems like he is preparing a way to say no. >> you can argue that both ways. i can't imagine that he will say eno. even the study that they put out paves the way for keystone. my guess is yes to keystone and come out with regulations on existing power plants later in the year. >> if you want to look at the most politicly expedient answer. chairman -- >> sorry i missed you last week, i got snowed in. >> we hope to see you again soon. who knows what we will be calling you in the future. >> paul. >>> coming up it's 1849 all over again. why gold prospectors are dancing. we have details after the break. check out gold prices right now. "squawk box" coming right back after this short break. >>> i love gold! ♪ >>> coming up, the investors' bulls eye on target. we speak to an analyst for reaction to the numbers and the company comments. "squawk box" on cnbc, profit from it. on your own... or with a fidelity investment professional, helping you find new ways to plan for retirement and save on taxes where you can so you can invest in the life that you want today
seems to be at the epicenter of phrases like the kerry trade. the yen, the weaker it gets, of course, really helps a country like japan because they're an export market although the asterisk for the last couple of years especially after the horrible nuclear issues they've had recently is energy when your currency gets weak it might be good for exports but you pay a lot for energy. let's harken back to another time, the 1930s where the whole better thy neighbor scenario was born and what it basically amounted to was over simplified quickie is that everybody wants to weaken their currency, everybody wants to be king exporter, especially when they're so very few economies that rely on consumption within their borders like the u.s. so now think today in china. okay? remember, it was mid 2005, the peg to the dollar was thrown out the window. and for the most part, i've sense the chinese currency has been moving up. well, recently that isn't the case. it's moving down. with a variety of explanations. but how about the easy explanation? i'm not theying it's the case but it doesn't seem to g
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